“At the time of birth an etheric body of a child feels like a soft untouched wax. It is impregnated with the influence of the stars. As a child emits the first cry, the wax cools and its shape now is constant. The sky prints the child’s horoscope in his etheric body, and within it his destiny is written” (Omraam Michael Aivanhov, the Bulgarian cleric, occultist, alchemist and astrologer)


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My name is Alla Krasnova. The first education I got in the areas of economy and finance in Russia. I graduated from Moscow University of Economics (MESI). The second higher education I got in Sweden, took Master degree in one of the famous Swedish University (USBE). This experience presented me some invaluable things: opportunity to talk in several languages, to analyze and think logically, and also understanding that following the standard way of living doesn't answer all my internal questions and not always fills my life with satisfaction and pleasure. Perhaps, this understanding brought me into astrological school in Moscow. I looked for a way for myself which works and helps me to live with pleasure, passing through difficulties quietly, keeping internal balance and helping me to correct the personality, to trace my own emotions, mood, and to see to what future my thoughts lead me.

I took trainings in psychology, astrology, astromagic. I understood, that psychology suits not to all, the same as astrology, and majority afraid or simply don’t know about astromagic .What helps me? The combination of astrological, astromagic and psychological techniques.

Astrology for me combines several sciences. It is astronomy, mathematics and physics. Under the influence of astrology I feel the changes in self-perception, the changes in my perception of people and the world. It brightly revealed some of my abilities and helped me create different life values. I can say that at this point I follow a personal astrological life philosophy. Of course, astrology apart from the mentioned above disciplines remains as an occult science. By occultism here I understand the intuitive vision of a person’s horoscope and as a consequence of finding a “cure” for the problematic parts of it.

I have an opinion that a person chooses his destiny by himself before being born, then after being born, give a cry and by this announcing the acceptance of a game of life terms. He does it exactly at the very moment when it should be done. He forgets the reason why he is here, but the stars in its turn keeping the story of his life and they are able to reveal some part of it from his request. They are the perfect storytellers if they are in a great mood. They can tell you about your karma, personality and different situations in your life that you have to face. They show pleasant and unpleasant ways of your life and help prepare for them. Showing moments when you have a freedom of change the situation to good. The book of your life is already written at the time of your birth. It is woven with a language, which is not easy to understand. The person who is interested in his presence here or what is more frequently he feels he needs an answer and begins searching for a translator from a “star language”. The translator from this ancient language is an astrologer.

I am offering different types of “translations” (horoscopes and forecast) which you can find under “Individual consultations


I consider your natal charts as : using logic and classical astrological techniques; using astropsychological techniques; I am intuitively see a core, a resource and a problem in your horoscope and discuss them with you; I use the latest astrological ZetGeo9 program. I interpret personally each natal chart and present to you a written horoscope.

Fields of knowledge: Astrology, Astro-psychology, Astro-correction, Astro-magic, Karmic Astrology.



dip3 demo Astrologer, Astropsychologist. I graduated from the Highest Astroschool of Vladimir Pogudin in Moscow. The school was founded in 1983 by V. Pogudin on the basis of Avestiyskaya School of Astrology by Pavel Globa. dip1 demo Master classes of the professional astrologer Konstantin Daragan, author of known best-sellers in a practical astrology. Master classes at School of the Classical Astrology of K. Daragan in St. Petersburg: Karmic Astrology, Astropsychology, Astrocorrection.
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