IMG 700111-17 December Horoscope "Waiting" 

The end of the lunar month and the final turn of the wheel of the year in Celtic traditions are going to happen this week. Now it's very important not only to finish things, but to understand – what are you going to leave in the past forever?
I think that many of you already know which relations / projects do not work, do not bring results and do not lead you to a desired future. I recommend you to pay attention to this!
Perhaps you don’t yet have the tools or don’t see ways how to pass to the next page of your life, but from next week we will face a serious rare astrological ingression of Saturn that solves everything for us. It sounds scary and irreversible, but I'm sure you will be happy to get opportunity to stabilize some spheres of life.

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IMG 6975Some like it hot 

4-10 Dec Horoscope!

Monday will begin from 16th lunar day. It's not time for work. So pity that it’s not a holiday day in Moscow, but you still can stay home and relax. Mercury went into retro phase, the peak of the full moon was on the weekend, and if you took the energy of Mars and Uranus correctly (last week), now you deserve a day-off. If you still have to work, then do something relaxing and pleasant, something what don’t take much of your time, and pay attention to old unsolved cases. Already on the evening - December 4th, comes 17 lunar day, which will bring a spark of enthusiasm and joy into routine. Monday evening you can meet old friends or acquaintances, discuss old projects, or just watch old movies at home… and not alone.

If over the past month you have had negotiations that ended pointless, especially advertising / travel / sales meetings, then from this week all those people who suddenly disappeared will appear again in your life, I hope with good offers.

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IMG 6931Big Bada Boom - Horoscope 27 Nov - 3 Dec' 2017

This week is special! There will be not only a transition of Venus from Scorpio into Sagittarius, but also rare astrological aspects which will increase unexpected circumstances (!)

I start with negative interaction of Uranus and Mars. From the very beginning of the week you will feel like something is growing, something has to occur! You will push yourself to do things as fast as possible! But frankly “push” is not very suitable word. Say, you won’t have a choice, you need to act quickly this time. Tomorrow won’t exist, you have to do all now and immediately! Motto of the forthcoming week: "Big Bada Boom"!! It will be impossible just to sit and wait when the universe will bring you answers on your questions. You have to look for an “exit” by yourself. Remember! There are at least three exists from any unpleasant situation. It is possible that you will be a little excited or nervous! Well, not a little! Therefore, if the exit won’t be found at once, keep working and searching – it is better than doing nothing and nervous because of your “doing nothing”

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sik1Astrological forecast 05 June – 04 July 2016 for the new lunar month

“The brightest stars are visible from a bottom of the deepest well”

I feel that the forecast is going to be large and “terrifying”. I want to remind once again that it is only the description of the external energy of the world. A lot of things depend on your personal birth chart (natal chart) and its interaction with the external energy of the planets in the forthcoming month. Therefore, somebody can pass the month easy, others more difficult. But I’m sure that for those, whose birthday is in the end of May - the beginning of June, the next solar year (till the next birthday) will be very confusing.

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portret devushka cvety sirenAstrological forecast 6 of May - 5 of June, 2016 new lunar month

A positive aspect between the Moon and Pluto opens a new lunar month for us. It loads space with energy through which we will develop power of personality. The desire to investigate abilities, talents, be independent  will become stronger. We will take energy from our individuality, from admission that we differ from others. We have to accept negative sides of our personality and not to be afraid to show them. We will need to develop inner solidity, soul strength to change itself through intensive and passionate emotions, to find out an essence of the emotions. The moon at the beginning of the lunar month is inTaurus. It gives to the world stable, balanced emotions through which it will be easier for us to accept spiritual power of the world, to be exempted from internal instability, to be grounded. Such Moon will cope with depth and passion of Pluto.

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