Ethics of astrological services

  1. The astrologer is responsible for correct interpretation of a natal chart and forecast according to the classical methods of astrology.
  2. The astrologer is responsible for correct and full provision of information and recommendations to a client.
  3. The client is responsible for provision of a trustworthy information to the astrologer, referring to: date, place, exact time of his birth, time of requested events of his life.
  4. The client is responsible for his destiny, for implementation of abilities of his personal horoscope and astrological forecast to the real events in his life.
  5. Payment of astrological services should be done fully before the order will be send to the client. The price can’t be changed till the requested order is finished.
  6. No aggressive or offensive actions or comments are allowed from both sides.
  7. Any information presented to the astrologer is confidential. The information can be used as an example in articles, books or other working materials of the astrologer only by a written permition of the client.
  8. In case of on-line consultation both sides are guaranteed to provide comfortable conditions of communication, to be fully involved in the working process with no interruptions.


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