Each of your feedback of my work is valuable to me. The astrologer is studying constantly. Your responses help to improve the process. Through them astrologer begins to read a birth chart better. Each chart is as fingerprints. Similar lines, different information. "Star language" is versatile. Each planet has its own, sometimes they find a common language, sometimes they are arguing. The astrologer observes their interaction and fixes it. It is like a theatrical performance in a foreign language, where you have not only translate everything correctly, but also to catch what hasn't been told, but was meant.



D. Denys (USA) Surgeon, author of the book "Rythm of a runner" 22 March 2016

“I cannot think of any critical remarks. I think you write well. You offer universal truths for relationships and communication and you offer specific remarks. I didn’t know what I should expect from Astrology but you provided information that I would expect a psychologist to provide. One who has spoken to me a lot and knew me fairly well. You see many people with problems and offer ways to help them, not just tell them there problems. This is important. When I read about some negative comments I asked myself, Really? What can I do to improve? You offer some good ways-this is nice. People like to hear the good things and can be offended by bad remarks. It is good to write in way so they do no get offended so they will understand and then believe and then try to help themselves. Some people might just get upset and then no help is gained. It is easier for you to write this way in Russian. In English you do well also. Thank you Alla and all the best to your future”


Caroline Burvall, Stockholm, Sweden

26 December 2015

"Alla is a dear friend of mine. She is also a very good and proffessional astrologer. She has been a great support for me in my life and helped me with many questions regarding health, love and personal questions. For the next year 2016 she made my forecast. It was so detailed and with great suggestions how to deal with different events in life. Alla is good at giving comfort in hard times and offers different suggestions for how to handle things in life, both good and bad. I would definitely recommend you to try her forcasts.”


G.Challinor, UK

30 Nov 2015

"In truth I've never paid much attention to astrology, at times I've quickly read through the horoscopes in newspapers but reading through your articles was very interesting and I could see a lot of sense in what you've written and in the type of work you've chosen."


Ekaterina Shmorgun (Moscow), Psychologist, 28 September 2015 (translation from Russian)

Alla, thank you for such accurate horoscope. Practically all things described by you took place in my past or still are in the present.

I don’t believe in destiny, I know that only I can chose my way and quite skeptical about astrology, but your reading of my birth chart gave me unexpectedly deep information about me.

It was also very pleasant for me to communicate with you. Now I know that I received through you a letter from the Universe with explanation to which direction I have to move, which has connection with my own plans. THANKS A LOT!


Ekaterina L (Tver), 21 August 2015

I’ve ordered a personal horoscope the second time. Other astrologer, who I visited previously was a great disappointment.  I received a usual story about the zodiac signs and nothing more. After that I promised to myself never go to astrologers. But some important circumstances were pushing me to find some professional help. A good advice I strongly needed. My friend was very impressed after working with Alla and persuaded me to try.

Alla made a positive impression at once. I ordered a personal horoscope and a personal prognoses for a year, prognoses for one important question I received as a bonus, because of ordering several consultations at once. Everything was ready in a week. Firstly I received a full written information from Alla, read it and then we had one hour consultation on Skype, which is very convenient, because after reading a horoscope and prognoses you have too much information in your head and a lot of questions. Alla explains everything very well.

I was sure that the birth chart reading is absolutely unnecessary thing, because I needed only predictions. But the chart gave me so deep information, some of it I even didn’t know about myself. It helped me to understand changes in mood, opened new spaces for self-development, and, above all I learned to respect myself.

Predictions for a year were written in detail, showed what I have to expect and what I need to do to improve the situation. I read them and put away, tried to live life without them. There was a huge surprise when after several months I found it, read it again and understood that a lot of events came exactly as she wrote, till dates.

I with pleasure recommend take astrological consultations with Alla. She is surely can help to solve your problematical situations !!


Irina Kharazi, Tver, June 2015


Consultation was difficult for me, but my question wasn't easy as well. For the first time I ordered a personal horoscope and prognoses. After talking with Alla, my problematic situation became clearer to me and I realized first steps out of it. I want to tell that Alla explains everything in detail and precisely. Before I believed that horoscope and predictions is a fatality which can't be changed. But actually, it showed me possibilities to chose.

Recently I also ordered predictions for a year. It was just very interesting to read, what waits me in the future J. It calmed me down. Alla sends a written horoscope and predictions. It is very convenient, you can re-read it at any time. Lately, I also ordered a personal horoscope for son.

In general it was a comfortable consultation.  I wish Alla further success and I’m sure I will continue to have consultations with her in the future!


Alyona V. (Moscow), March 2015

I ordered a personal horoscope with the detailed description of astropsychological aspects and also consideration of questions referring to my private life and work. Alla Krasnova has precisely defined the significant moments for a personal development, has allocated positive and negative sides of my life, pointed me to right directions. Thanks to her improbable accuracy. I looked at many things from another angle. I also understand that I overestimated some of them. In general I found the foundation, more productive ways of life. I continue active work on myself using her advices and remarks. I strongly recommend Alla to everybody who feels lost J