ExpressGor demo

Express horoscope and prognoses

It will tell you shortly about you and about the main events which expected to be in the nearest period. For the order you need to specify only date of birth. 

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Gor present demo

Personal Horoscope as a present

The personal horoscope is the book of destiny, which you present to loved one. It is a fine sign of your attention. It shows your care, love and the importance of a person for you.

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stars demo

Personal horoscope (Interpretation of your birth chart)

This is your personal hard driver, your unique program chose by you for the present life. The personal horoscope includes a general reveiw of all areas of your life. It also can be considered as a prediction for the present life.

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chasi demo

Prediction for next year (your life guide)

It describes general trends of the coming year. It shows exact dates of the future events and clarifies situations, explains your actions and recommends what is better to do now and why and what is better to postpone.

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b plan demo

Business plan for next year

Shows the general trends of the forthcoming year in career/business, gives the answer to a question - what is better to do now and why and what is better to postpone. It describes/predicts/clarifies events in professional area and gives recommendations.

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b calendar demo

AstroBusinessCalendar for next year - 2018

The business-calendar gives information about days & periods favorable or not for conclusion of agreements, having of meetings/seminars/conferences/trainings. It will be also useful for planning different trips. It is made in Excel, easy to use.

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bf calendar demo

Beauty&fashion – calendar for 2018 year

Gives information about favorable days for cosmetology procedures (injections of Botox, hyaluronic acid fiber lifting, mesotherapy, laser cosmetology). Explains what fashion style& colours and when will be winning. Tells when shopping/stylist visiting can be useful and when you can waste money on it. It is made in Excel, easy to use for everyone.

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love calendar demo

Wedding-calendar for 2018 (general and individual).

The calendar is suitable for those, whose is going to get married or to create love union in the forthcoming year. You will be able to pick up the most successful date for marriage, based on your intuition and astrological aspects specified in the calendar.
Also it will give you the hint – what to expect from a new relationship if it begins in 2018.

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magic demo

Predictive Astrology teaching - your private mentor

If you have just graduated from astrological school and you faint from variety of transits’, progressions’, directions’ aspects and thoughts about work with clients cause dizziness and trembling of hands, but you intend to continue and become a professional in this type of science (even if it doesn’t accepted as one). If you want to practice, improve skills, learn to feel relationships of cause and effect of the world, planets, yourself and people, then this type of consultation is perfectly suits you.


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buketik demo

The selection of the town to meet your new solar year, your birthday

Do you know that it is possible to change for good some events of your life if meet your birthday in another town?

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lebedi demo

Relationship horoscope (compatibility with partner)

Synastry chart on you and your beloved husband/wife or lover/mistress or someone special you met and would like to know about your compatibility?

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kiss demo

Prediction for development of love relationship

Prognoses of relationship with your partner give you a general review of its development for the future 2 years, showing significant dates of different events. Also it answers the question of future possible marriage.

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krisha demo

Prognoses for a child birth

Helps to avoid troubles and worries and find the most probable date of a child birth. Also gives the information about your health during pregnancy period.

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baby cat demo

Horoscope of your child

Helps to understand your own child, to feel nuances of his character. The horoscope tells you how correctly communicate with the child and support him in revealing his abilities.

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chemodan demo

“Travel around the globe” prognoses

Already bought a new suitcase, but can’t find the better time to make your dream come true? Order for yourself “Travel around the globe” prognoses, which shows when it is the best time for you to travel, to familiarize yourself with other countries and cultures.

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znakvoprosa demo

“Any question or situation” prognoses

If you have any disturbing question about your career, wealthy, buying property or any other then order this type of prognoses. It shows a present situation in the area you are interested in and its development of it.

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tashitgirl demo

Selection of the place of residence

Have you noticed that in some places you feel like at home, like you finally found what you are looking for so long. You want to stay here, to know the place better, while from other places you want to run away and never coming back.

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patriach demo

“Mystical Moscow”

Selection of the area to live in Moscow

If you move to Moscow or want to buy or rent an apartment here then it is useful to select the best area of Moscow particularly for you, based on the Moscow astrological map and your personal horoscope.

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progulka demo

The selection of the date for a marriage (better to combine with the personal horoscope of a couple)

Sometimes people are getting married in the day when it is better to divorce. Irony of destiny. If you don’t want to be among them then order for yourself the selection of the best date for your marriage and be happy!


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stati natalna demo

The selection of the best date for any event

The present consultation helps you to find the best moment for any important meeting, contract conclusion, relocation or any other events.

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Ask demo

Ask the astrologer

If you can't choose the form of consultation suitable for you or you never had an astrological consultation before - send me description of your situation.

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