milkywayA birth chart, what is it and why it is necessary to prepare?

I think that everyone knows what a birth (natal) chart is. "It is the chart which is done by an astrologer when he wants to tell me my future". This is what I thought when I went to an astrologer for the first time and got the astrological consultation which changed my life.

In this article I won't go deep into the correlation between a person and the Universe. I won't tell you how the position of the planets and the stars in the sky, at the time of our birth, can influence us. As most likely if you decided to order a birth chart, you will understand and appreciate that your name, the country, the city and your culture is only a small part of what can define you. And that a human being is a much more difficult "mechanism" which has a direct impact not only on the equilibrium in the home and political events, but something that goes beyond our understanding.


EclipseSolar eclipses slow down a stream of time. 

The nature of eclipse becomes more clear after studying of lunar days. You watch, consider each lunar day within several months. You listen to yourself, watch events as an observer. They can have a direct impact on you or can be as a background of your life. They can create atmosphere, which anyway influences on your decisions. Later, you begin to understand the nature of lunar days, and also to feel approach of this or that day stronger than the others. Because each of us was born in a certain lunar day, and phases of a lunar cycle influence on us not equally.

For example, I noticed that on 16th lunar day I need to have a rest. Actually, it is a nature of this day. It gives us time for rest. But I always did actions, which contradicted with the main purpose of the day. I tried to do as much as possible within it. As a result on 17th lunar day when activity is necessary, I was exhausted. I didn't get into a stream of energy of lunar days correctly and felt apathy. After, when I realized it, I began to trace 16th lunar day and finding time to have a rest. As a result, my physical and mental power had considerably increased.


galaxyThe magical realm of quantum physics holds key to understanding how/why astrology works, he believes

As implausible as this may seem, the idea that mainstream science might one day stumble upon a rational explanation for why and how astrology works is not completely over-the-top.

At least some investigators are beginning to look in the right places.

Speaking at a Cycles and Symbols Conference in San Francisco almost 20 years ago, the late Victor Mansfield, an astrophysicist and author who taught in the Physics and Astronomy Department at Colgate University in New York and authored books that boldly attempted to bridge the divide between science and spirituality, offered his thoughts on where answers to this burning question might lie: in the magical realm of quantum mechanics.

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forecastIs he the one? Will I be with her till the end of my days?

The theory about personal integrity, independence, about the search within oneself and inner freedom is salutary for us, but sometimes there is an impression that we don’t correctly apply it. We are cutting our bonds, calling them love-addictions. And, as result, getting used to enjoying loneliness or to consider it as the norm to be free in a so-called “open relationship.” We are even finding them more affordable and less stressful.

In such circumstances the question "Is he the one? Will I be with her till the end of my days?" genuinely amuses. A person needs contact, relationships are necessary. It makes life more fulfilling. Look at your family, at your relatives - you are bound to them by thin threads of destiny. It is better to learn to accommodate them, accept and keep them; to discard them is always easier.



smoke“Everything in your life can be much easier!”

I choose a very specific day for talking with myself. The 9th lunar day. The day on which your personal Devil is coming out and greeting you by waving to you. The day on which a very thin line between black and white, temptation and truth, and too easy to take a wrong path, which probably later will be the right one. A tricky day! But for myself, I’m conducting an experiment. I think that this lunar day can give much needed and uplifting information. Information, which can bring you immediate relief, the answer, which on application, you may feel like the karmic knots are no longer restraining you. You might know this feeling. It is the loosening of stomach muscles and deeper and slower breath. This is what I’m talking about. So, on this day I have decided to work on my own fears. Personal fears.

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Venus in wine

Astrowine article

I thought how can I start this article? From astrological or astropsychological theory? Finally, decided to start it like this.

It was a cold March evening. I was walking somewhere near Tverskaya street in Moscow. Feeling down and weary. Yes, even an astropsychologist can be subjected to different moods. In the evening I wanted go home, but I had already agreed to participate in wine tasting in the restaurant “Orange3”. Prior knowledge of the excellent dinner tempted me more strongly than a comfy sofa. As for the wine, I didn’t think about it at all.

While I’m walking and waiting the appointed time, I will tell you why I signed up for wine tasting.

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The goal and inner needs

The hero’s arch

Are you familiar with the feeling that you'vechosen an incorrect path, an unrealistic goal? You on the way to, or already have reached the objective, but feel you don’t need it any more. You begin degrading your own work, self-confidence goes down and you feel vacuum. Where to go? What to do? So much energy was discharged with no clarityon what.

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